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Tangerine salad with avocado

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2 avocados
Lemon juice (for avocados)
2 small cucumbers
4–5 tangerines
½ red paprika
100 g frozen green peas
100 g lettuce
2 spoons orange juice
1 spoon white wine vinegar
1 spoon chopped mint leaves
3 spoons oil


Salad preparation:

Cut cucumbers into sticks and paprika into strips. Cut tangerines into halves and grill or dry fry. Slice avocados and spray with lemon juice. Pour boiling water on green peas and wait for 3–4 minutes, then drain the water.

Dressing preparation:

Mix all the dressing ingredients and add to your salad. The salad can be accompanied by fried chicken or turkey, smoked fish, or shrimp.