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How to achieve emotional balance?

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Try to achieve your maximum result every day - breathe deeper, eat healthier, love passionately, exercise harder... To achieve the best effect, you need to feel perfectly both emotionally and physically.

The body psychotherapist Rasa Mažionienė advises on the steps that will help you to think more positively and to achieve your goals easier.

1. Motivate yourself

Motivation depends on what story you tell yourself every day. So, start capturing your success: capture your victories at the end of each day. What could this be? First, maybe you got up from the bed in the morning, when you still wanted to lie down? Have you exercised? This can be achieving your goals at work, smiling in public transport, or a new acquaintance. So, you should capture your victories on paper, distinguishing three columns: the situation, thoughts and emotions at that time, thoughts and emotions now. Completing this table will help you to understand what makes you happy and motivates, and at the end of the week you will see how much joy is around.

Motivation depends on what story you tell yourself each day

2. A collection of good emotions

How to be fun and well-behaved every day? How to prevent minor troubles from causing long-term damage to your mood? Here are some tips that do not require much effort:

- always have a picture in your wallet, in which you are with your dear person;
- decorate your computer desktop with a picture of your holiday;
- hang some pictures with your friends in the kitchen, on the refrigerator;
- carry a memorable gift from your relative with you in your car.

Although this may seem like actions that do not change anything, they really create a positive mood for you. Supplement this collection every day, create an environment in which you feel comfortable.

Create your dream environment by filling in a collection of good emotions

3. Sadness and anger – to the garbage bin

One of the most effective methodologies – write down all the anger, grief and sadness on the sheet of paper and throw it away. For others, visualizing their emotions in the simplest way also helps: draw on a sheet of white paper, then shred it into pieces.

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