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How do you stick to exercising?

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As the summer season approaches, many people decide to trim their body shapes. But how to start pursuing changes and moving more actively? How to achieve the desired effect and where to get the inspiration? It is said that it is worthwhile to announce one’s plans to the people around – it’s a commitment to pursue the goals and follow the chosen path. Others argue that if there is no internal motivation, there will be no desired results. So how it really happens?

All these questions are answered by Alanas Dzeranovas, the ambassador and the coach of MyHero!

1. The most important thing is to start with yourself

Physical activity is associated with the promotion of healthy lifestyles and must be part of our everyday lives. It is important to understand that sports are needed not for impressing the surrounding, but for yourselves. A good start is already the first workout, because physical activity immediately gives a positive emotion. And when we feel well, it’s easier to pursue the desired effect.

2. Sport, nutrition and awareness

I think that people with low awareness tend to underestimate themselves. Being lazy to work with oneself, finding with a variety of excuses, or trying to highlight the size of the problem, trying to delay the start of the change or search for a solution. Therefore, MyHero! system that we offer consists of the most important parts: sports, nutrition and awareness. Sports and nutrition will face you at any sports club with a personal trainer. However, the slightest change in the status quo of life – losing your job, divorce, illness, trauma, holidays, stress – all your sports and nutrition habits are easily pushed to the second plan and the previous shape, unbalanced diet, poor condition return, and no more time spent for workout. At that time, your awareness linked to personal development in all spheres of life, is particularly important. A wider perspective motivates you – that you do not just exercise, but spend a meaningful hour in the gym, that you do not just eat, but filling your fuel stocks and prolong your life in a quality and thoughtful manner.

Even if inner laziness shines and does not want to exercise, you just have to convince yourself at least to go to workout. And when you are there, everything else will go on your own!

3. Create a vision for the future

Do not live others’ life, do not use modern stimulants and follow your own higher standards. Create your own leverage system: replace all old habits, associations or lifestyles – everything that is associated with unpleasant memories, with the vision of the future that makes you happy and think of the awesome results awaiting you.

You can obtain the Birutė EFFECT sports program prepared by MyHero! coaches Ignas Bakėjus and Alanas Dzeranovas by signing up here.