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The Birutė Effect is a free four-week program of physical activity, balanced diet and self-awareness. Enter confidential information about your body and get the specialist-created Birutė Effect Wellness Guide.

What is the Birutė effect?

What is the Birutė effect?

Having created a team of specialists, we developed the Birutė Effect program, a free four-week program of physical activity, balanced diet and self-awareness, which will help you re-discover the joy of movement and radiate positivity.

Is the Birutė Effect right for you?

Yes, if you have been thinking that lack of time and abundance of work are not good reasons for neglecting your well-being. But finding energy for sports, a healthy diet or just for yourself is not such an easy task. We created the Birutė Effect for active and curious city dwellers who sometimes simply do not have time to take care of themselves.


The Birutė Effect program was developed in tandem by Ignas Bakėjus and Alanas Dzeranovas. Ignas is the first certified coach of the Insanity training program in Lithuania. Alanas is the founder of the healthy lifestyle movement MyHero!, an ambassador of the movement, an instructor of group workout sessions, and a coach and advisor on healthy living.

Physical activity, good nutrition and self-awareness enable a person to be healthy, vivacious and free. The most important thing is to start. The Birutė Effect is specially designed for such goals. This is a one-month training program that will help you achieving your desired result. You do not even have to leave your home – workouts can be done anywhere, at your chosen time and to your own rhythm. The experience of MyHero! shows that it takes 21 days to develop a healthy habit and, most importantly, not to stop, because only through persistence will you succeed!


Getting the desired physical or emotional result is impossible without a balanced diet. Food is essential for well-being and mood. Why spend hours in the gym when it’s possible to strengthen your body and achieve maximum results with a combination of sports and a balanced diet? Nutrition specialist Deimantė Rapalytė advises how to take the first steps towards healthier eating and how to combine sports, sleep and food.


In order to achieve optimum results, you should not only exercise and eat well but also feel good and find emotional and physical balance. Most importantly, you must learn to love yourself. Wouldn’t you like to become the best version of you? Body psychotherapist Rasa Mažionienė provides steps to help you learn to think more positively, feel good every day, inspire others and continue to achieve your goals.

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What can you expect?

The Birutė Effect is a four-week physical activity guide. The MyHero! sports exercise program has been specially developed for you by coaches Ignas Bakėjus and Alanas Dzeranovas.
The main principles of the balanced diet plan have been defined by the nutrition specialist Deimantė Rapalytė.
Body psychotherapist Rasa Mažionienė has created tips for positive thinking and self-awareness.
Special videos (a series 12 videos to be watched over the course of 4 weeks!) feature the MyHero! coaches Ignas Bakėjus and Alanas Dzeranovas, who comprehensively explain and demonstrate how to perform the exercises. One training session at our MyHero! workout class.
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