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Birutė is a top-quality natural mineral water product.

Not all water products can be called “natural mineral water”. The highest quality standards are applied to such a product, which must meet two main requirements:

  • The water in the bottle must be exactly as it is at its natural source. The water cannot be diluted, blended, filtered or otherwise treated. Birutė water is bottled directly from a natural source without any contact with the external environment.
  • The areas located around the Birutė water source are strictly and reliably protected against pollution. Water is extracted in the state-protected 25 thousand hectare Nemunas Loops Regional Park in Birštonas. This ensures that it is full of naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals vital to the body.

Since 1924, the Birštono Mineraliniai Vandenys company has been famous for its water’s quality and health-improving properties. Today, the water meets all the highest EU requirements, significant research has been carried out in the area, and the water is tested frequently to ensure the highest quality.

Birutė is a natural mineral water of mild taste created by nature.

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Birutė is a natural mineral water of constant chemical composition balanced by the nature and a source of electrolytes

The Birutė Villa

The Birutė Villa is a mineral water pavilion located in Vytautas Park in Birštonas. Here, throughout the year, you can enjoy a free-of-charge mineral water pool, relaxing fountains and a water vapor wall through which you can breathe the living air straight from the depths of the earth. The micro-climate of the Birutė Villa is enriched with salts and minerals which have a positive effect on the health of the skin and respiratory system. Here you can relax after a long stroll or spend several hours relaxing after spa treatments.

Vytautas spa

Vytautas Mineral SPA offers health-enhancing programs for the modern individual who is always in a hurry and always stressed out. Here you will find exclusive treatments, delicious food, tranquility near the Nemunas Loops Regional Park and unrivaled wellness moments.

Vytautas Mineral SPA has been recognized as the most innovative SPA centre in Europe and the most professional SPA centre in the Baltic States.

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